me (derogatory)



i exist

ok ill be semi serious now

waddup my homies, names ferris, they / them, and i currently live in apartment complex 237A1Z26 on Coroner Blv. in Hell and my neighbors are always telling me to "turn down the fucking Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"

i may also sometimes go as Merlin or something else when i get particulary funky so yeah

im a sentient(?) lifeform that has an overwhelming interest in vintage aesthetics, technology, games, abstract art, breakcore music, and the fandoms i got sent to hell for <3

i make music and do art, though its underwhelming to say the least

anyways, never mention vocal synth to me or i WILL info dump this is not a threat this is a warning

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MBTI: INXX (changes) Enneagram: 5w6 DnD alignment: Chaotic Good (?) Current mood: Violence




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