Welcome to my homepage. I made this website initially after taking an Introduction to Computer Science class, and got interested in HTML and making old web style sites in my free time. This site doesn't have much of a use beyond testing coding and for personal entertainment. I might make pages for art and stories, but they won't be priority.

Here's my button. My site is perpectually a work in progress as I tend to come up with page ideas on the whim. I am not good at coding; I tend to borrow code from all over the place and attempt to Frakenstein it all together, so things turn out pretty wonky. Apologies.

UPDATE - 05.10.22

Hi!! Sorry for the random spam all of a sudden. I've been working on reconstructing my site in Glitch and was planning on downloading all the pages then uploading to Neocities in one swoop, but the export was for a Glicth project rather than html pages so I had to manually copy and paste the code... (T-T)

Anyways, the site is now a little more cleaned up and updated.