Here is where I rate the teas I have consumed here with my limited time on Earth. Ingesting boiling leaf water, just as god intended.

Green Tea Staple tea. Caffeinated? Yes. Taste? It’s fine, I guess. I used to drink it with no sweetener, but by now I have grown desperate and use 5 Splendas at a time. On it's own it kinda tastes like bitter water, though I do steep it for very long periods of time. If it's not caffeinated there's no point. I've fallen to a point of desperation, breaking out a bag of decaf green tea in leu of lack of herbal tea a few days ago, desperate for a moment of escapism. In it's decaffeinated glory, it sneered down on me, told me to fuck off, and then terminated itself in my cup, it's remains scattered throughout my glass in a grotesque display of defiance. Never trust decaf green tea. It will only harm you.

Chamomile Tea TBA

Pumpkin Spice Rooibos TBA

Vanilla Comoro For the love of god please do not put any sweeteners in this tea. I can't stress it enough, but this tea is sweet enough on its own. It will lure you in with it's whispers of sweet nothings. You will trust it. It knows the best for you, doesn't it? Promising you escape from the pain of living, a moment of bliss amongst the sting of reality. You accept. After all, it's just a cup of tea, isn't it? You trust it. And it knows. It is at that moment under it's grasp that it will crush you within it's hands, the sickly sweet smell of vanilla urging you to remain still in your tomb. A venus flytrap, closing in on you as you do nothing to stop it, hardly aware of it's influence on you until it's too late.

It's a nice dessert tea. Best enjoyed with some kind of sweet baked item or a cannoli with cream.

English Breakfast TBA

Hibiscus Berry TBA

Prickly Pear Cactus TBA

Pomegranate White Tea TBA

Chai TBA

Earl Grey It has a death grip on me. It knows I can't survive without it. Maybe it's meant to be this way. Maybe it really does love me, maybe it's grip on my existence is out of love. Yes...

This is LOVE!!!